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in Serre Chevalier

Atelier Spa Montagne by YON-Ka Paris

Relax with Yon-Ka Paris Spa Treatments in our Hotel Spa in Serre Chevalier

Energy lies at the source of beauty. Spa Aromatic Rituals invite you to boost your natural energy with natural active ingredients bursting with vitality. Let your mind wander, take your time, recover your serenity, feel good about yourself, feel beautiful, succumb to the wonderful sensation of a full body massage after a day on the pistes.

Hotel Alliey Mountain Spa is located in the heart Monetier les Bains in the Serre Chevalier valley in the French Alps. You couldn’t choose a more perfect location to come and relax and indulge yourself than in our hotel spa in Serre Chevalier.

Our massage therapists and estheticians focus on your overall wellness and offer a programme based on treating the outside in order to harmonise the inside. We have a wonderful selection of face massages, body massages and facials to choose from. Your senses are awakened as you gently plunge into the universe of AROMESSENCES, concentrated essential oils. 100% pure 100% natural.

To fully benefit your spa treatments, we recommend you arrive 60 minutes early to use the Alliey Mountain Spa or you may arrive 15 minutes before your treatment to change and relax.

Any missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24-hour notice with be charged 50% of the scheduled service.

Thanks to our incredible location in the middle of the French Alps, we have an amazing selection of Summer-Autumn activities and Autumn/Winter activities to quench all your senses while you are in Monetier les Bains.

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by Yon-ka Paris

Yonka paris serre chevalier
Yonka paris massage serre chevalier
Yonka paris massage serre chevalier

The care space where you get a timeout with Yon-Ka Paris

Face care

Aromatic discovery care  30 min 48 €
Purity / hydratation / anti-aging

Hydratation  60 min 75 €
High-performance refreshing treatment

35-55 years Time-résist  60 min 75 €
Redensifying wrinkle treatment

Exceptional global antiage treatment 55 years +   60 min 80 €
Exclusive Yon-Ka Paris techniques / energy points,palpate-lifter / redendsifiyins wrinkle treatment

Face care  special  “le Grand Classique”   1h30  110 €
Personalized aromatic face care / 5 steps of deep cleansing exclusive Yon-Ka Paris


Aroma-Reconfort  30 min 48 €
Wrinkle massage back or legs / digitopression head or feet

Aroma-Luxe 60 min 80 € – 1h30  110 €
Relaxing massage /100% exclusive manual Yon-Ka techniques

Aroma-Sculptant 60 min 80 €
Tonifying massage / sculpting techniques with bamboo

Aroma-Relax 60 min 80 €
Relaxing hot stones

Aroma-Energy 60 min 80 €
Rebalancing and energizing massage / digitopression

Sports massage

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE  – before 45 min 68 €
Ideal before muscular efforts / Stronger and more focused pressure / specific area

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE  – after  45 min 68 €
Ideal after muscular efforts / slow massage / ample gestures
dissipates sensations of stiffness / optimizes recovery / soften the body


Spécifics massage

Body Scrubs  30 min 55 €
scrubs according to your skin sensitivity, tailor-made for you
Softness =>Moisturizing scrub / bamboo powder / apricot kernels
Gourmand  => Nourishing scrub / 2 sugars
Sea salt => Remineralizing scrub / sea salt and seaweed

Light legs  45 min 55 €
Anti-fatigue treatment draining legs with refreshing wrap

Hot sotnes  1h30  139 €
The hot stones are placed on the energy points of the body / they will be stimulatedthe body tensions will be released.
Combined with essential oils / promoting relaxation letting go. The stones are used  to perform massage actions on the body : smoothing / kneading touching

Signature care Alliey  2h00  180 €
In this hectic world, harmony is a luxury, reconciling body and mind, a priority /
According to your desires, the moment, you will choose the sensory escapade that you wish :
Escapade en Provence => Bamboo scrub / apricot kernel + relaxing massage
Délice de Corse => Two sugar scrub + rebalancing massage
Balade en forêt => Sea salt scrub / with seaweed + tonifying massage
Voyage délassant en Polynésie => Two sugar scrub + massage



Gentlemen massage

Body massage   30 min 50 €  –  60 min 85 €
A moment to de-stress and reenergize with fresh woody scent

Face care  30 min 48 €  –  60 min 69 €
In all elegance, find your  first class look. No tired face, a new facial glow is so refreshing and comforting


Prenatal relaxation

Prenatal Ralaxation  30 min 48 €  –  60 min 80 €

Specifically adapted for pregnant women in each trimester with neutral and natural oils.



Beauty Escale  30 min 48 €
Discover aromatic care as a parenthesis : Purifying and hydrating

Aroma – relax  30 min 48 €
Free choice of different fragrances – a relaxation program


Plaisir  1h30 –  135 €
Scrub-body massage 60 min / face care 30 min

Réconfort Homme 1h30 –  120 €
Body massage 60 min / Face care 30 min

Pour lui  2h30 –  240 €
Body massage 60 min /back care 30 min / Deep tissue 60 min

Cocooning 2h30 –  210 €
Scrub-body massage 60 min / Relaxed body sculpting 60 min /face care 30 min

Maman plaisir 2h45 –  210 €
Scurb 30 min / body massage 60 min / lighter legs 45 min / face care 30 min

Expérience de l’âge  3h00 –  240 €
Scrub- body massage 60 min / Anti-age face care 60 min / body sculpting 60 min

Silhouette  3h15 –  260 €
Scrub-body massage 60 min / Shape sculpting 60 min / Face care 30 min

Lumière des Alpes  4h00 –  295 €
Scub-body massage 60 min / Nourishing body sculpting 60 min / face care 30 min / Hot stones 75 min,

by phone + +33 (0)4 92 24 40 02
by email :
11 Rue de l’école – Serre Chevalier – 05220 MONETIER LES BAINS

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