at Serre Chevalier

Restaurant at Monêtier les Bains

Nice place and good table

The restaurant has a new look, we propose the “Bar à Vin”  !

We are sure you know Julien Momon the last famous chef of La Maison Alliey restaurant in Serre Chevalier –

He is install at 2 small street near of  Alliey, restaurant le 16âme in the pretty village of Le Monêtier-les-Bains – is the perfect place for friends, family, gourmet food lovers and wine connoseaurs alike to spend time sharing delicious authentic French cuisine and fabulous wine in a relaxed atmosphere.

We like to share and have fun at the table, we chose to define ourselves as Bistro’nomique?
Many of you ask us what does this mean?
It is a local cuisine halfway Bistro Parisien and revisited cuisine,
the important thing is to respect the original products preserving the flavors of each territory.

We try to work as much as possible with small producers grouped under labels or co-ops like “Peasant Exchange”
and appellations of controlled origins such as Lamb Guil & Durance, Sicilian Olive Oil AOC “.

restaurant monetier les bains
Restaurant Maison Alliey
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