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What do you do in Serre Chevalier ?

Monêtier-les-Bains is, without question, a place with the power to captivate all those who visit it.

A special place, the Alliey is at the heart of the ski resort SERRE CHEVALIER, on the Italian border, at the gates of Ecrins National Park, surrounded by mythical passes (Izoard, Lautaret, Galibier, Deux Alpes, Alpes d’Huez, …), lakes and GRs. Here you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature and rely on our advice to guide you according to your desires. Monetier-les-Bains is at the same time: authentic mountain village, thermal center, large ski resort in the Southern Alps Serre Chevalier, legendary cycling stage in Briançonnais, halfway on the Grandes Alpes high road between Lake Geneva and the Côte d’Azur.



Monetier-les-Bains is the most authentic village of the Serre Chevalier valley ski resort, the change of scenery is total between the azure blue sky that we find nowhere else, the pristine white of the snow and the surrounding peaks. It’s up to you to make the first tracks in powder snow at altitude or in the larch forest, there is a total of 250 km of trails from beginner to advanced level. For starters we start on the snow front, others try out the slopes, while some have fun in the Snowpark, the Videozone, the Melezone, the Boardercroos or the funnycross and others indulge in the spaces more “snowfall” techniques.
On the Adret or in the Ecrins National Park let yourself be tempted by a hiking or snowshoeing, on one side the Scots pine shelter hull hulls on the other ibex and chamois lie in wait for you.
The cross-country skiing and the ice circuit, the pulkas harnessed to sled dogs, take pride of place in the valley floor.



The warmth of the South and the cool nights of high altitude are energizing. In the middle of the pastures come the springs of the Glaciers, which feed the lakes, which flow into the torrents; it is one of the great playgrounds for small, medium and large for fishing, canyoning, rafting, a ballad. GR, boanistic, geological trails, with varying degrees of altitude, at altitude or at the bottom of the valley: more than 700 km of regularly maintained path.
You will not be missing the Ecrins National Park, the Alpine Botanical Garden, the Montgenèvre golf course, the Serre Chevalier cable cars or chairlifts to go for a picnic with the family or a fully suspended cycle descent.
The revolution of the moment! The electric bike, without great effort can pedal in the mountains without leaving all its energy. This can represent an original way of discovering the beauty of landscapes, without getting tired. Or allow two people of different levels to practice together. To climb briskly too steep or too long for the shape, or to walk a child in a cart.



Monêtier-les-Bains is as its name suggests a spa. A natural source of hot water runs through the streets of the village, hence the name of the inhabitants in patois, the “hot trippes”. It is more than 4,500 m² of massaging jets, bubbling, bubblinga water that comes naturally out of the earth at 44 ° C and is cooled to 37 ° C for our greatest happiness.
The Alliey is the closest Appart-hotel to the large baths, just 150 meters away.
At each spa town its casino! the Alliey sets up a shuttle to Briançon to get there.
Casino games are banned in France from 1717, they are considered harmful for the family and disruptive for the operation of the trade. The real boom dates only from the end of the 19th century. They were then intended to distract the big bourgeoisie when she went to go to the baths. Since, they are, in any case in the collective imagination, inextricably linked to dreamlike landscapes or mythical tourist destinations: the Normandy coast, the Côte d’Azur, Brittany, winter sports resorts and towns. ‘waters…


Museums and cultural places

With its captivating beauty, the story of Serre Chevalier is not left out.
Since antiquity, it has left a rich heritage, since the passage of Hannibal in the year 218 before our era to cross the barrier of the Alps, the Romans who appreciated the valley of the Guisane to heal with the l hot water, to the few famous people who stayed in Briançon as François 1st in 1537, Louis XIII and Richelieu in 1629, Vauban in 1692 and 1700, Napoleon Bonaparte.
Italian by turns allied to the Duchy of Savoy, French. And throughout the nineteenth century it has experienced the development of forges, tanneries and spinning as well as the semi-industrial exploitation of anthracite mines. The first lift of Serre was the cable car Chantemerle inaugurated in 1941 as the longest in Europe. ( Happay 80 years this year !!! )
Also the museums are numerous: the Sacred Art Museum in front of the Alliey presents a collection of religious objects, hosts exhibitions and recitals. It is by visiting heritage that you will discover surprising stories. Do not miss the Longo Maï spinning mill in Chantemerle, the Ecrins National Park House, the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Gargouille, and especially the Vauban fortifications of Briançon classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

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