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Awareness and guest information

Sustainable Development

Our Towel Program

Can you image how many towels are washed unnecessarily every day worldwide and hence the huge amount of water and detergents used to the detriment of our environment? With your contribution reusing towels more than once, you participate in conserving the environment.

Towels on the floor mean: « Can you please change the towels? »
Towels hung on the towel rack mean « Do not change the towels, I will use them again. »

We charge 2€ per rented towel to avoid overusing.

We have also installed water-saving devices that reduce water consumption.

Waste Management / Recycling

Internally we recycle:
Household waste: paper, glass, plastics. We compost kitchen and garden waste.
Industrial waste: cardboard boxes, used cooking oils
Toxic waste: Remote control batteries, neon lights, printer ink cartridges, toners & empty bottles of dangerous products.

Intelligent consumption

Purchasing local or seasonal food products when possible: At the breakfast buffet you will find Tomme cheese from the Izoard or Ubaye, local jams and Hautes-Alpes regional apples. In the restaurant, we continuously try to feature seasonal products, especially local Hautes-Alpes meat .

Four reasons to buy locally:
1. Exceptional taste and freshness
2. Strengthen the local economy of our region and country
3. Protect the environment that reduces packaging and transportation
4. Preserve the diversity of fruits and vegetables

Energy /Water conservation

Le Spa Balnéo is a massive consumer of energy in terms of fuel for heating and electricity. We have implemented swimming pool covers that do the following: Reduces water contamination by limiting debris The covers protect the pools from dirt, leaves, insects or bird droppings, which is not only unsightly but also a food source for developing algae and bacteria. Reduces the use of chemicals By isolating the pool water, it minimizes the loss of chemical products efficiency, thus decreasing the quantity necessary. Increases the water temperature Keeping the pools covered as much time as possible allows a concentration of solar energy and raises the temperature. Limits water evaporation The covers reduce water evaporation and consumption. Studies have shown that losses due to evaporation for an 8x4m swimming pool are approximately 32,000 liters per year. This figure increases with wind and sun exposure.